What is live betting on football?

When we talk about Live bets on football, we mean Live bets that you can place on https://footballbettingguide.co.ke/betting-sites/odibets.html. All our providers from the list of bookmakers 2020 offer you real-time bets . Unlike so-called pre-match bets, Live bets are placed during the current match. You place a preliminary match before the game starts. In other words, with these Live bets, you can count on a crucial advantage: you can first take a close look at the first 10 minutes of the game, so that you can then classify the daily form of individual teams. This will help you with your predictions that you want to place in the game.

Even if every bookmaker we represent offers a real-time betting portfolio, they are different. It all starts with the depth of the game. There are bookmakers that offer from 60 to 100 options in König Fußball and real-time betting. There are also bookmakers who can convince you with over 200 real-time betting options. The next important aspect is the form of presentation. There are bookmakers who, for example, rely on a tabular view. All available Live bets are displayed one above the other in the table. Still others allow you to display individual ads side-by-side in multiple ads. This is especially important when a second large screen is connected for sports betting, which allows you to watch several matches and place bets at the same time.

How do we rate Live football betting providers?

If we include a bookmaker here in comparison with the best Live football betting providers, they will have to cover the king of German football broadly in terms of Live betting in terms of online betting . As far as football is concerned, we expect to find not only the German Bundesliga, but all the leading top European leagues, such as La Liga or Serie A. All of them must be in the Live betting portfolio on the Online Sports Betting Germany website.be available. Then we check how deep the game is obtained from an individual bookmaker for football betting. On the one hand, we check what regional leagues are. These are usually the lowest leagues where you can place live bets. And here we will compare how things are in the top leagues, such as the English Premier League or professional Serie A. The more extensive the portfolio, i.e. the more depth of the game is offered, the better.

You also don't want to miss out on the real-time football betting bonus.

If a bookmaker is convincing in terms of a real-time football betting portfolio, then we'll check what it looks like with the current bonus offer from a comparison of sports betting bonuses . In this case, we are interested in a special characteristic: it is not necessary how high the bonus is or what kind of bonus it is. Instead, we look at the bid requirements. Are Live bets included in the wagering requirements or excluded from them? This is exactly what we are talking about. A provider that wants to be named the best Live soccer betting provider must offer you a bonus, which you can also meet by placing Live bets on King Soccer. Otherwise, the bonus offer will bring you relatively little.

Multiview, table, or single view - what do you need?

The third important point that should be met by a provider that occupies a leading position in comparison with the best Live football betting providers is the display that they offer you when placing bets in real time. We have to go back for a while: Live bets can be displayed one above the other in the form of a table. Then all available games are displayed in the list. There are separate coefficient fields for individual live games. We are talking about the so-called quick choice. You can click on it and quickly place a bet on a specific bet. There are betting enthusiasts who want to bet only with this table. Tipiko bookmaker is a vivid example of what such a table should look like.

As a newbie, you initially rely on one ad

But there are also forecasters, especially more experienced ones, who bought a second big screen for sports betting. Then they want to watch multiple Live bets at the same time. And they expect so-called multiple mapping. This comes into play when the big screen is available. Because then many individual ads can be combined into multiple ads. There are forecasts that watch multiple Live bets simultaneously and only work with this multiple display. If you are new to the world of sports betting and Live betting, then you will have to work with individual advertising. They are waiting for you when you click on an individual event in Live betting.

A single ad usually doesn't just offer all the available betting options for an event. Here you will also find a so-called 3D gaming display. Matches on the football field are displayed digitally. In addition, there are still live statistics. Live statistics tell you exactly what the statistics think about a particular bet option.

And there are no compromises on quotas.

The last point, which goes without saying, but which we will nevertheless briefly consider: do you really want to earn money with your Live bets today? No problem: we will only introduce you to the providers that offer you the best Live betting odds. And, of course, with Koenig Fusball. And even when comparing coefficients, you can find not only the top leagues. We go down to the regional leagues and check if they are quoted well.

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